Born and brought up in India, as a child Dipika had always dreamed of being a doctor. After finishing medical school in India, she moved to US for her residency in Neurology. Dipika is currently a practicing Neurologist at the University of Kansas Health System. In 2019, Dipika suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke which left her completely paralyzed on her right side and aphasic. With aggressive and continuous rehabilitation, she has made an amazing recovery and will continue to make more. Dipika is now able to live independently, drive, and is back to work. Being a neurologist and now a stroke survivor has changed her outlook and understanding about the life challenges faced by stroke survivors and their caregivers. Dipika is happy to help Falling Forward spread awareness and help individuals with brain and spinal cord injury towards physical and mental recovery and well-being. She believes that “repetition is the key!!”

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