Your donation gives someone the ability to
live independently. dress themselves. dance with their children. return to work.

When insurance stops paying for someone's therapy, Falling Forward turns your donations into life-changing rehabilitation sessions for people recovering from serious injuries and medical events.

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Most of our rehab recipients need less than $5000 to reach their recovery goals.
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Every $1 you donate towards rehab support saves $11 in long-term healthcare costs, multiplying your impact.
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People who have recovered to their full potential thanks to donations from people like you.

Rehab is the answer to recovery after a catastrophic injury.
But only if you can afford it.

Each year, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other catastrophic medical events leave over 1 million Americans disabled. Once vibrant and independent, many lose their ability to walk, speak, work, and take care of themselves. As if this wasn't traumatic enough, most health insurance plans do not fully fund rehabilitation. They cap their support at only a handful of visits, cutting off 95% of people from the rehab they need to recover. Paying out-of-pocket to complete treatment is financially debilitating for all but the wealthiest among us, and most people are left to face the reality of life with a disability.

Without rehab funding, care stops, progress diminishes, and the opportunity for full recovery is lost.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to recover to their full potential.

Recovery is possible, one step at a time.

The key to recovery after injury is clear: equal access to adequate rehab.
The obstacle is funding. The Falling Forward Foundation works to solve this problem in two ways:

We provide grants to ensure rehab doesn't stop.

We fund outpatient rehabilitation (physical, occupational, and speech therapy) for people when their insurance benefits run out by making grants to four of the premiere rehab centers in the US. Your gift will give someone the opportunity to recover and resume a happy life.

We advocate for full insurance coverage of rehab.

An individual’s unique path to recovery shouldn’t be cut short because of arbitrary therapy caps. We advocate to eliminate insurance therapy caps so all Americans have the chance to fully recover with equal access to a complete course of rehab.


When the unthinkable happens, we step in.

Life changes in an instant.

It can happen to anyone. From random accidents to strokes to birth defects, traumatic medical events can turn life upside down.

Recovery begins.

The sooner rehab starts after an incident, the better the outcome. It is critical to receive rehab immediately following an injury, and complete the course of treatment until full recovery potential is reached.

Insurance runs out.

Sadly, most insurance companies cap coverage at only 20-30 visits. But, many people need far more for a full recovery. Without adequate rehabilitation, nerve regeneration will slow and progress comes to a halt. They can be left with preventable disabilities and are not able to work, care for their families, or even care for themselves. 

Falling Forward Foundation steps in.

With your generous donations, the Falling Forward Foundation fills the therapy gap that insurance companies create. We step in to cover critical rehab visits so people can continue making life-changing progress.

Hope and healing is restored.

A fully-funded program of rehabilitation eliminates disability and restores ability beyond basic functioning. Step by step, session by session, people re-learn to speak, walk, and care for themselves. 

People live happy, productive lives.

The benefits of rehab continue long after treatment is complete. Recipients are given a second chance to live the life they built and return to the things they once took for granted - like traveling, working, playing with their families, and supporting their communities.  

Success Stories

Meredith's Story

Spinal cord injury recovery

Meredith had a swimming pool accident that left her paralyzed from the shoulders down. Our donors' generosity allowed Meredith to continue her rehab after insurance ran out. Today, Meredith is back home and is ABLE to stand, move her arms, and live independently again!

Ed's Story

Stroke recovery

Ed, an athletics coach, suffered two stroke that left him paralyzed on the entire left side of his body. Through our donor’ support, Ed went through many months of rehabilitation. Today, Ed is ABLE to walk and has returned to coaching basketball again!

Dani's Story

Spinal cord injury recovery

Dani was struck by a stray bullet which severed three vertebrae and left her paralyzed. With support from Falling Forward's donors, Dani has gone through many months of rehabilitation, and she is now ABLE to walk again!

Jason's Story

Traumatic brain injury recovery

A biking accident injured Jason's brain so badly he didn't even know his own name or recognize his wife and children. Our donors' generosity helped Jason get the rehab he needed to re-learn everything. Today, Jason is ABLE to work and provide for his family again!

Help us pave the road to recovery

Your gift of any amount will help someone have the opportunity to recover to their full potential. Every step – and every dollar – gets someone closer to their recovery goals.

Give a One-Time Donation

Every cent of your gift will fund rehab for another person when their insurance runs out, so their recovery continues and they can resume a happy life.

Give Ongoing Support

Multiply your impact with our monthly gift program. Your recurring donation will provide ongoing support for rehab sessions that will help someone turn disability to ability.

Spread the

Help us spread awareness of our mission and advocacy work so we can create a world where every American has access to life-changing rehab when they need it most.

We stand for ABILITY®

A message from founder, Sam Porritt

In one moment, a single misstep changed life as I knew it forever. After a spinal cord injury left me paralyzed from the waist down, I underwent two transformative years of recovery – all thanks to unlimited rehab covered by my insurance. 

But I was lucky. 

During my journey, I met hundreds of people whose rehab was capped early on in their recovery, long before they even scratched the surface of the recovery that was possible for them. People with careers they loved. People with families who depended on them. People with passions to follow and dreams for the future. 

In 2013, I founded the Falling Forward Foundation with the dream that no one would have to give up on their recovery because they couldn’t access or afford rehab. Thanks to generous donors like you, we are making it possible for more people to complete their rehab and reclaim their lives after injury. 

However, millions of people still need our support. Help us get them back on their feet and stand for ability with us!  

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Donate to the Falling Foward Foundation and change a life.

Falling Forward Foundation, Inc. is a public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3).  All donations to Falling Forward are fully tax deductible.  Our IRS Employer Identification Number is 47-4332787.


100% of your donation goes directly to rehab care.

Our team is run by dedicated volunteers and administrative costs are offset by fund investment earnings, not your donation.

We only partner with rehabilitation centers that operate as nonprofits. They focus on providing care, not paying executive bonuses or stockholder dividends.

We negotiate the lowest possible rehab rates so your donation has its biggest impact.

"Everything is possible now."

- Tracy Hoth, mother of Falling Forward Foundation recipient and champion Cayden

Rehab is the answer to overcoming disability after the unthinkable happens. With your help, we can create a future where no one has to worry about when their rehab will run out, and whether or not they’ll have the opportunity to recover. Your donation makes anything possible for injured people in their time of need.

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