Success Stories

See how your donations make an impact in real people's lives!

Laura's Story

Recovery from aneurysm/brain bleed

Laura was having severe headaches. Doctors discovered three aneurysms and a major bleed in her brain. After brain surgery, Laura was left paralyzed and unable to speak. With months of rehab, Laura is now ABLE to walk, to talk, and to live independently!

Doug's Story

Recovery from stroke

Doug, a life-long physical therapist, suffered a spinal cord injury, recovered from that, then had a major stroke. Doug knows what it takes to recover, not just once, but twice. See his amazing journey through rehab, with support from our donors.

Jackson's Story

Unable to speak from birth

Jackson, our youngest and cutest patient ever, was unable to speak from birth. His parents were committed to finding the very best speech therapy for Jackson and, with our donors’ help, to keep it going. Today, Jackson has found his voice and is ABLE to speak!

Meredith's Story

Spinal cord injury recovery

Meredith had a swimming pool accident that left her paralyzed from the shoulders down. Our donors' generosity allowed Meredith to continue her rehab after insurance ran out. Today, Meredith is back home and is ABLE to stand, move her arms, and live independently again!

Dani's Story

Spinal cord injury recovery

Dani was struck by a stray bullet which severed three vertebrae and left her paralyzed. With support from Falling Forward's donors, Dani has gone through many months of rehabilitation, and she is now ABLE to walk again!

Pavel's Story

Stroke recovery

Pavel suffered a massive stroke, which paralyzed his entire right side and left him unable to speak. When insurance ran out, our donors made it possible for Pavel to continue his rehabilitation. Today, Pavel is ABLE to walk, speak, and live a happy life!

Cayden's Story

Spinal cord injury recovery

Cayden was 15-years-old when he had a car accident and was paralyzed from the chest down. With extensive rehab supported by our donors, Cayden is ABLE to walk unassisted and do things that most teenagers take for granted, like stand-up paddleboarding and rock climbing!

Ed's Story

Stroke recovery

Ed, an athletics coach, suffered two strokes that left him paralyzed on the entire left side of his body. Through our donor’ support, Ed went through many months of rehabilitation. Today, Ed is ABLE to walk and has returned to coaching basketball again!

Jason's Story

Traumatic brain injury recovery

A biking accident injured Jason's brain so badly he didn't even know his own name or recognize his wife and children. Our donors' generosity helped Jason get the rehab he needed to re-learn everything. Today, Jason is ABLE to work and provide for his family again!

Lisa's Story

Spinal cord injury recovery

Lisa had a horse riding accident that left her unable to move her legs or raise her arms to her face. After two years of rehab supported by our donors, Lisa is ABLE to walk, to cook, to bathe and live independently! Lisa is living proof that disability is NOT the only option.

Caroline's Story

Stroke recovery

Caroline had a stroke that disabled her entire left side, leaving her unable to walk, work, or live independently. After two years of rehabilitation, Caroline is ABLE to walk without a cane, to sing, to dance and play with her grandkids. She has her passions back!


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