Who We Help

Most medical insurance plans cover only 20 - 30 visits to a rehabilitation center

That's not adequate for people who are recovering from catastrophic medical issues such as:

Strokes | Traumatic Brain Injuries | Spinal Cord Injuries

As a result, those patients generally stop recovering once their insurance runs out. They face a life of disability.

The Vision of Falling Forward® is that all patients will have the opportunity to recover to their full potential.

How to request help

If you are currently in rehab and about to reach your therapy cap, we may be able to help.

Contact Our Partners

Your doctor or current therapist should contact a partner location to refer you for consideration.

Professional Evaluation
You will be evaluated by a therapist who will assess your potential for continued improvement.
Complete Your Application
You will be asked to complete an application, including disclosure of household income.

Our Rehab Center Partners

Contact our leading nonprofit rehabilitation centers that challenge the impossible with breakthrough rehabilitation techniques and the highest quality care.


Kansas City, MO

Success Stories

Meredith's Story

Spinal cord injury recovery

Meredith suffered a spinal cord injury in a swimming pool accident and was paralyzed from the shoulders down. Our donors' generosity allowed Meredith to continue her rehab after insurance ran out. Today, Meredith is back home and is able to stand, move her arms, and live independently again!

Lisa's Story

Spinal injury recovery

After a horse riding accident, Lisa couldn't move her legs or raise her arms to her face. With two years of funded rehab, Lisa is able to live independently again - living proof that disability is NOT the only option.

Dani's Story

Spinal injury recovery

Dani was struck by a stray bullet which severed three vertebrae and left her paralyzed. With support from Falling Forward's donors, Dani has gone through many months of rehabilitation, and she is now able to walk again!

Pavel's Story

Stroke recovery

A massive stroke paralyzed Pavel's entire right side and left him unable to speak. Donors to Falling Forward made it possible for Pavel to continue his rehabilitation. He is now able to walk, speak, and is living a happy life with his family!